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Shandong Bosch car technology co., LTD. Is located in the famous national high-end aluminum material industrialization base in shandong province - egg, companies with "into deep, deep would outstanding" for the purpose of the enterprise development, mainly in development for the aluminum extrusion and the deep processing industrial chain. hotline:400-096-1617



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Here are the most complete models, as long as you need us all have
  • Trailer park trailer

    Trailer park trailer The trail-trailer allows you to enjoy a rare freedom and flexibility while enjoy...

  • Dual - wheeled trailer full aluminum chassis

    Dual - wheeled trail 1. Advantages of full aluminum chassis products for trailers:1. High-end aluminu...

  • Trailer full aluminum chassis

    Trailer full aluminu 1. Advantages of full aluminum chassis products for trailers:1. High-end aluminu...

  • Housing section XHX- fc-26

    Housing section XHX- Performance index of aluminum alloy profile of rvShandong Bosch rv technology co...

  • Cross-country trailers

    Cross-country traile Cross-country trailersSP02Shandong Bosch rv technology co., LTD. Is a diversifie...

  • Small trailer trailer

    Small trailer traile The small trailer contains two elements, one is to inherit the luxurious and per...

  • Trailer for trailer

    Trailer for trailer Parking skills of trailers on a-shaped roads:Stop parking on a slope with a slop...

  • Cross-country trailers

    Cross-country traile Cross-country trailers FP03Shandong Bosch rv technology co., LTD. Is a diversifi...



01 RV travel

Shandong Bosch car technology co., LTD. Has always been to "challenge themselves and customer service" for the enterprise development purposes, professional for customers tailored personalized pull-type saloon car product development, on the whole create convenient, comfortable humanized leisure tourism products.



02 Car support

Bosch pull-type saloon car not only in appearance looks very concise, beautiful, generous, in the aspect of interior at the same time, with reasonable spatial layout, elegant interior work combined with lightweight body of environmental protection, can be described as drag hang rv benchmarking.



03 Recommended by car

Independent and reliable power supply system, adequate water bearing facilities, abundant luggage storage space, rich recreational equipment, complete facilities and comfortable life that occupy the home, unlimited beautiful, natural JingGuang!hotline:400-096-1617


04 RV life

The simple and practical design idea of trailer trailer keeps the fine tradition, integrates the contemporary concept, and makes the rv combine with the camping. Can carry motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard and other outdoor goods. The interior is equipped with a refrigerator, a bluetooth speaker, a gas cooker, a top lift, a sofa, a leisure table. Ordinary cars can be pulled.



05 RV customization

Internal facilities, colour is concise and lively, warm and comfortable, super luxury saloon car interior design, set "food, clothing, shelter, line", implement "life" in life to travel, travel of fashion products. hotline:400-096-1617


06 RV entertainment

The trailer is a scaled down luxury villa. The car is equipped with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and other areas. The furniture of the car, ambry, and have corresponding accessories. Home appliances, air conditioning, TV, microwave, video and entertainment systems. hotline:400-096-1617


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拖掛式房車Shandong Bosch rv technology co. LTD

Service hotline:400-096-1617  Address: huangshui river, huangshui river, huangshui river, longkou city, shandong province

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